Bytecoin cryptocurrency works according to the principles that are radically different from ones the fiat currencies and their digital analogues use. We have created the currency that is convenient and reliable to use in the internet. Alongside with this it needs modest amount of energy and human resources. This permits to get along without transaction fees.

Your money is safe with Bytecoin

Bytecoin is resistant to hacks. Cryptographic algorithms that we’ve used to power the currency are impossible to crack. An attempt to figure out your account key would require enormous amount of resources which makes an attack unprofitable.

Easy to mine on an average PC

You can increase Bytecoin network security through currency mining for which you get rewards in BCN. Bytecoin algorithms offer no advantage to GPU mining which means that you can mine with gain even on an average office computer. There is no need in buying ASIC devices.

Bytecoin protects your personal data

If you set up high anonymity level for your transactions, nobody will know where you receive money from or where you send it. This is entirely impossible to figure out.

Instant international zero-fee money transfers

Bytecoin doesn’t require intermediaries for money transfer. All you have to do is broadcast your transaction to Bytecoin network. A transaction takes around 120 seconds, has no fees and can be dispatched to any place on the Earth with internet access.

Reliable investment of your resources

Bytecoin emission rate is decreasing over time, which means that the value of each BCN is gradually increasing. You may join Bytecoin mining or purchase BCN on exchange. Value of your Bytecoins will only increase.
We invite you to learn how Bytecoin currency works. Should you have any further questions or wish to learn more about Bytecoin, we will gladly help you.


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