Its super cool that you have decided to invest in ByteCoin. Let’s take you through the steps to make the investment hassle free.

Step 1:

Get a Wallet

First step is to get hold of a wallet. You need a wallet to keep your coins safely. There are multiple options for wallets –

Web Wallet

Android Wallet

Desktop Wallets

Once you have downloaded the wallet of your choice, Its time to create an address and copy it.

Step 2:

Once you have the wallet address, You are ready to buy your coins now. Open the invest link

Enter the amount you wish to invest. if this is your first transaction, your transaction could be for US$ 50 only. 

Once you are done with the right amount, Click on ‘Exchange’ button.

Next screen would need your wallet & email information. So keep your wallet address handy which you just created.

Just paste your wallet address under ‘Recipient’s BCN address‘ & mention your email address.

Once you have entered the required information, Just click the ‘Proceed‘ button.

Next screen will take you to a confirmation screen, stating the payment modes

To Proceed, just click on ‘Pay with Visa/Mastercard

Next screen would redirect to our partner payment gateway’s website. You would need to add your Mobile number to help us with any possible fraud protection screening.

Just fill in your phone number and click on next. You will be asked for your “Date of Birth” and then finally be asked for Credit Card Information.

Currently only Visa & Master Cards are supported for payments.

Once you make the payment, Exchange will process your transaction and transaction completion time will be displayed on the screen. Soon you will have your coins in your wallet.



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