If you are a mid to long term investor who invest for good 1 to 3 years of period then not investing in ByteCoin (BCN) would be sheer foolishness. BCN is bound to grow 100 folds in next one year as all major exchanges would be listing it very soon along with Wallets like Jaxx have announced their plans to add BCN. 

Leading online cryptocurrencies payment gateway GoURL is also adding BCN to the list very soon. So, the best time to invest in BCN is TODAY !!

So how do you get started with BCN ?

If you an existing crypto investor, You probably hold some BTC or other coins which can be traded for BCN on popular exchanges like HitBTC, Poloniex, Cryptopia. You can now either keep them in your exchange or bring them to your wallet. 


If you are a new investor and like me have decided to start investments journey with ByteCoin, then below are the steps to be followed – 

Step 1

Get The Wallet

Download the ByteCoin wallet for your OS from the links below – 

                                                    Windows 64-bit 
                                                    Windows 32-bit 
                                                    OS X (.dmg) 
                                                    OS X El Capitan(.dmg) 
                                                    Linux (.deb) 
                                                    Linux (.rpm) 
                                                    Source code

After installing the wallet of your choice, Two most import steps to be followed are – 

1. Set Password for your wallet
2. Take backup for your wallet (Keep the backup of your someplace secure like USB drive & dropbox etc)

Step 2

Sync your Wallet

I know next step should be buying ByteCoins but for all cryptocurrencies it is very important to sync your wallet before you see any transactions because you may get panicked if you buy BCN & that doesn’t reflect in your wallet for hours or may be days. 

Option 1 (Complete Sync)

You can choose to download the complete blockchain which is slower, need plenty of hard drive space on your computer and would take 2 – 3 days depending on your internet connection.

Option 2 (Light Wallet)

You can also run your official wallet as light wallet and get synced up in 5 – 10 mins again depending on your internet speed. To use your wallet as light wallet, just go to settings/preference and choose “Remote Daemon” (as shown in image below)

Below are the nodes you can connect to in RPC mode – 
node.bytecoin.org.in – port 8081
node.bytecoin.ninja – port 8081

bcn.phm.life – port 8081

Once you are all synced up, its time to move further. 

Step 3

Buy ByteCoin (BCN)

You can easily buy BCN for US Dollars using your Credit/Debit card regardless of your home country. Though there are certain limitation when you buy using credit card like first transaction can be of US$ 50 only and then subsequent transaction could be of higher value. Below are the sites that offer BCN to USD buying – 

GiftbyBit (Buy ByteCoin) (An affiliate site)

Once the transaction is confirmed, you would receive your BCN in your wallet in few hours. 

Step 4

Patience Technology

Remember the first line of the article, Long term investment. If you are planning to do intra day trading there are plenty of other pump coins but BCN is a futuristic coin meant for long term investment. So, hold your coins for a year and it could be your retirement plan as well.

Happy Investing & Stay Positive !!

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