LONDON,  August 26, 2017– Bytecoin, a form of digital currency also referred to as cryptocoins are sweeping the globe with interest from people of all nations. Jenny Goldberg, a community leader for Bytecoin recently sat down for an interview with Paul Madore at Cryptocoins News. In this interview, Goldberg mentioned their efforts to create a Bytecoin based token – the first entirely untraceable token created under crypotnote protocol as well as the embedding of Bytecoin wallets.

Bytecoin has had a few complications with being one of the first to implement some of these advanced technologies. While Goldberg admitted the Bytecoin wallets have some initial bugs – she said they are working on testing and fixing the issues to release the first web wallet. Additionally, Goldberg envisions the Bytecoin brand to have major expansions with the building of reliable partnerships. In the interview, she mentioned, “We are going to move mostly to the e-commerce, where people will be able to buy different things using only Bytecoin.”

Goldberg believes partnerships with e-commerce will increase the value of Bytecoin by it being the only source that customers are able to use to purchase products or services. Bytecoin will begin branding themselves as the cryptocurrency of choice starting with Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, Spain and America. Goldberg also said, “I guess we are the generation who already accepted cryptocurrency.” She noted shops in America already using Bitcoin – another form of cryptocurrency.

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Source – BTCurencies
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