Though we are selling ByteCoin here on this website and you may buy the same using your credit cards but we have to admit prices offered by our partners are higher than market prices. Today we are documenting the steps how you can buy it at better prices if you are already into cryptos and based in India.

Step 1:

Download a Bitcoin Wallet

First step is to get hold of a Bitcoin wallet, we recommend ZebPay as it is available for both Android & iOS platforms and is highly trusted so far and activate your account by uploading your PAN card & Bank details.

Step 2:

Buy Bitcoin

Yes, You need to buy Bitcoin using Indian rupees. Once you buy Bitcoin, it will be credited to you ZebPay wallet.

Step 3:

Get a Trading Account

Get a HitBTC Exchange Account and Generate a BitCoin Address. Once you have your BitCoin wallet ready on HitBTC, simply transfer your BTC balance to the exchange.

Upon receiving your BTC balance in HitBTC, you can easily trade it for ByteCoin (BCN)

Step 4:

Transfer your Coins to Wallet of Your Choice

It is completely upto you if you wish to keep your newly acquired ByteCoin balance in HitBTC account or Transfer it to wallet of your choice. As we always say – ByteCoin is for long term investors looking forward to invest for the horizon of 1 – 2 years, it is recommended to transfer your coins to your desktop wallet.

Hope these steps mentioned above helps you get hold of ByteCoins at best possible prices.

Happy Investing & Stay Invested in the Future.


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  1. Mayank 6 months ago

    thank you for your valuable feedback…

  2. Avshesh Chopra 6 months ago

    This is interesting and Simple


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